HELIX + MEGA Live Imaging Rebate


Submitting your rebate for the promotion above is a two step process. You must make two submissions: one for the qualifying HELIX purchase, and one for the qualifying MEGA Live purchase.

Note! Both qualifying items (HELIX and MEGA LIve) MUST be on the same receipt. 

When you are making your submission, it requires the entry of the serial number for the product. The serial number can be found on the box and on the product itself.

However, in the case of a MEGA Live TargetLock - Ultrex 45/52" purchase, there are three unique serial numbers in total: The MEGA Live Imaging transducer, the TargetLock Control module, and the a unique serial number only found on the box.

When submitting the MEGA Live TargetLock - Ultrex 45/52" for rebate, you must submit the serial number found on the box

Step by Step : How to Submit Your Rebate

  1. Log in to Humminbirdpromotions.com
  2. Choose your Country of residence

  3. Enter the Serial Number of the qualifying HELIX or MEGA Live Imaging accessory and Purchase Date. 

  4. Promotional Details will then be displayed. Please read these carefully and then select "Continue" when you are ready to proceed.

  5. Upload a picture of the receipt.

  6. Fill out personal information for the rebate.

  7. Review information entered and click "SUBMIT" to finish.

  8. You will receive your tracking number and have the option to submit a new rebate. If you have only made one submission, you will need to select "Start Another Rebate" to submit your other product.

    • "Start Another Rebate" will send you back to step 1. All contact info will be saved from the first submission. 
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