Transferring Targets or Fishing Log Waypoints to My Lowrance GPS with Contour Elite?

Most Lowrance units such as the iFinder series and LCX series use SD/MMC memory cards to transfer data. Some newer models use MicroSD cards. So, you will need to have an appropriate memory card. Do not use a lake map "chip" such as LakeMaster's. Memory cards can be purchased for a few dollars from department stores, pharmacies, etc. You will also need a card reader to attach to your computer (which can also be purchased for a few dollars) or a computer that has a built in slot for memory chips.

The Endura handheld models use a USB cable to connect directly to the computer in order to transfer data. They also use GPX format instead of USR formatted files for data transfer. Please refer to the knowledgebase article on transferring data to an Endura for specific directions for that model.

The following directions are for units using memory cards to transfer data such as the iFinder series and LCX series.

1. Open Contour Elite's Export to GPS interface by clicking on the "Export Targets to GPS" button on the Target Tool panel or the "Export Entries to GPS" on the Fishing Log panel.

2. Select the Lowrance (.USR) format as the format.

3. Select the location to export the file to (which would be your memory card) and give it a name.

4. Select the target(s)or fishing log waypoints to export.

5. Click "Export". Your file should now be saved on your memory card.

6. You will then place the card into your GPS unit and follow your GPS manual's instructions for loading data from the memory card. On the iFinder and LCX series units, for example, you will need to go to the System Setup Menu and select “Transfer my data”. Then select “Load”. This will load the files onto the unit.

Visit the Lowrance website at: to download a manual for your unit, if you do not have one.

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