Problems with Temperature Reading

Missing or No Temperature Reading

NOTE :  For most Humminbird products, temperature is built into your transducer.  Make sure your unit is capable of reading Water Temperature. This will be shown in your Operations Manual.  

You can also have more than one temperature gauge connected to your unit.  Make sure that all necessary accessories are connected to the depth sounder.  Also visually inspect them for any damage.


Check the Accessory Test screen in the System Status menu.  The built in temp of a transducer will show as Temperature and if you have added an extra or auxiliary temp probe, this will show up as Aux. Temperature.  You will want one or both of them to show as Connected.  If you still do not see temperature, then we need to check other aspects of your screen set up.


Check your unit

  • It is possible to configure some units so that no temperature information is displayed even though a temperature gauge is functioning properly. You can also go out to the Select Readouts menu from your Set Up tab to make sure you have selected temperature to display in one of your Readout locations.   Make sure at least one of these readout sections shows Temp.  
  • Turn your depth sounder on without using any options or selections to see if the problem may be in the way the depth sounder was set up to operate. Turn all features on Auto and/or "Restore Defaults" using the Setup Menu tab.
  • If possible, check your depth sounder on a friend's boat that has the same type of depth sounder and model number and the appropriate temperature gauge. This will indicate whether the problem is with the head unit or the transducer/temp probe or the installation. If the unit still has the same problem on your friend's boat, return the unit along with a letter explaining the problem in detail. If the unit works correctly on your friend's boat, proceed with the appropriate suggestions below.

Incorrect Temperature Reading

Out temperature probe reads only water surface.  If you are certain that the temperature is incorrect and your unit has a Temp. Offset menu, make sure that the Temp offset has not been set to something that is incorrect.  If it is only off by a degree or two, you can use this menu to adjust the temperature readout of the temperature sensor to match other temperature gauges on your boat.


Check All Accessories

If an accessory is not connected, or not connected properly, it could alter the temperature reading. Refer to the Operations Manual for correct installation of accessories. 

Check the Mounting Location

If the Temperature Sensor on your temperature accessory is mounted on the motor of a trolling motor or close to the water discharge of your main motor, this may cause the temperature readings to be incorrect. Try remounting your temperature sensor some place that the water in the immediate vicinity is not artificially heated or cooled by the boat or any equipment on the boat.

If the temperature sensor is built into the transducer and it is installed inside the hull of your boat, you will not get accurate water temperature readings. 

Check F vs. C

If your depth sounder reads both Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C), the problem could be that the depth sounder is reading the wrong temperature measurement. In this case, refer to your Operations Manual to select the proper temperature units. On some fish finders, the temperature units are determined by the depth units. Select the temperature by selecting the depth units.

Is it a temp reading or a bearing reading?

If you are on a GPS view, do not confuse Bearing with Temperature.  In fact, you cannot show temperature in a GPS view.  See examples below.  



Only products purchased through our authorized International Distributor will read in Celsius.   If you are still having problems after trying the preceding suggestions, please contact our Help Center.

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