Display Problems

I seem to be having display problems. What do you recommend?

Display problems can sometimes be confused with power problems.  To determine if it is a display problem, the first thing to check for is to see if your keypad backlights are showing.  If they are not showing then likely the issue is power related, not an actual problem with your display.  Please check out troubleshooting tips for power related issues.  

Has Power but No Display

Here are some things to check:

  • Adjust Angle Tilt and pivot the depth sounder so that you may easily maintain a good angle for viewing.  
  • Adjust Contrast -  If contrast adjustment is an option on your depth sounder, refer to your Operations Manual for instruction.
  • Check the Connectors & Pins - Check the power connector, depth sounder connectors, fuse, fuse holder and battery terminal connections for corrosion. If corrosion is present, clean it off by using an abrasive (sandpaper, battery terminal cleaner, etc.) or with a mixture of baking soda and water. Also, make sure that all connections are not loose. Corrosion may cause a loss of voltage to the depth sounder.

Display Freezes or Stops Moving

Always make sure that your unit has the most recent version of software.  Software updates can be found under the Support section of our site.  

Contact us through our Submit a Request form, if you are still having problems after trying the preceding suggestions.


Although your Humminbird unit is waterproof, the air within the unit contains moisture due to natural humidity. Due to this, some fogging is normal on cooler days. The Spring and the Fall are the most typical times of year that we hear about this.  This situation is caused by heat generated from the sun warming the air in the depth sounder. The moist air is then trapped between the display and the lens in the front housing.  This situation can be avoided or reduced by storing in a protected and safe area at outside temperatures. The situation should clear after about one hour of use. If not, the unit can be sent in for service.  However please understand that we cannot stop a unit from having condensation under the above conditions.

If you have a glass bonded color display (in our 800 Series and higher products) condensation  cannot form as there is no void between the display and the lens.   

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