Transferring Waypoints to ION, ONIX, SOLIX, and APEX

Can I transfer waypoints stored from my other Humminbird products to a SOLIX, ONIX or ION product?

Yes, you can use waypoints that you have created in other Humminbird products to your SOLIX, ONIX or ION unit.  However, to do so, you must first convert these waypoints from .hwr files to .gpx files.  Below are the steps required.


  • A Blank SD card
  • A SD card reader on your PC or laptop
  • HumminbirdPC loaded onto your PC or laptop

Export your waypoints from your original Humminbird Product to an SD card. To do so, follow these steps:  

  • Power on your Humminbird Product
  • Insert a blank SD card into the card reader slot
  • Press the Menu button twice, then right cursor to the Nav Menu, then cursor down to Waypoints, Routes, Tracks and then press the right cursor to select that option
  • Cursor up to highlight the Options menu and then press the right cursor to select it.
  • Cursor down to "Select All and. . . " and then right cursor to make that selection.  
  • Then cursor to Export and right  cursor to make that selection.
  • You will now need to confirm that you want to save these items.  Use your right cursor to say Yes.  
    • This process will overwrite any nav data you currently have on the card (which is why we suggest using a blank SD Card)
  • Once you have selected Yes, all Navigation data will be transferred to the SD card as .hwr files.
  • Remove the SD card from your Humminbird product.
  • Start up HumminbirdPC on your computer.
  • Insert the SD card with the .hwr data into the card reader on your computer.
  • Click on the Blue down arrow under the SD card icon to transfer the waypoints into HumminbirdPC.
    • Your waypoints, routes and tracks will then load into the second column and be labeled in the following form SD_yymmdd.gpx
  • You can then right click on the .gpx file and select Save As...
  • You can now select where you want to save the .gpx file.  You want to make sure you Save In the Removeable Disk Drive you have inserted your SD card (this location may vary based on your computer, in this example, it is the K drive) Click Save
  • Then click on the Red Up Arrow to safely remove your SD card from your computer.
  • You will then receive a message about removing the SD card, at this time, click on Yes to continue.  You can then remove your SD card from your computer.
  • Now power on your SOLIX, ONIX or ION unit.
  • Go to the Home Screen.
  • Select Files through either your touch screen or keypad.
    • Depending on the number of widgets you have selected, you may need to scroll to the right or left to find the Files icon.
  • Once you arrive to the Files menu, under Import, select Nav Data.  
  • Then under Select a File to Import, select the file you wish to import.
  • Your selected file will now import into your SOLIX, ONIX or ION unit.   When complete you will receive the below message.
  • Congratulations, you can now use your existing waypoints on your SOLIX, ONIX or ION Series product.
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