Networking Basics

Ethernet Networking Basics: What is Ethernet networking and what information does it share?

Ethernet networking refers to the ability of an Ethernet-compatible Humminbird fish finder, such as HELIX G4N, SOLIX, or APEX model, to connect and share information like waypoints, tracks, and transducer information with other compatible Humminbird fish finders. In addition, these models can connect to optional Ethernet accessories like Minn Kota trolling motors with i-Pilot Link or Humminbird CHIRP radar.

Creating an Ethernet network will share information and control of optional Minn Kota i-Pilot Link trolling motors between Humminbird fish finders, making it easy to access the information and boat control features you want, from anywhere in the boat. With an Ethernet-networked boat, anglers can enjoy a more efficient, and convenient fishing experience. Ethernet networking capable models include HELIX 7 G4N, all HELIX 8, 9, 10, 12, and 15 models, all SOLIX and all APEX models, as well as many Humminbird legacy models.


What are the capabilities of a Humminbird Ethernet Network?

A Humminbird 5 Port Ethernet Switch (AS ETH 5PXG) is a great way to expand the networking capabilities of your boat. A Humminbird Ethernet Switch can accept up to five Ethernet connections and supports up to four (4)  fish finders and one of each type of Ethernet accessory offered by Humminbird (Minn Kota motors with i-Pilot Link, CHIRP Radar, etc.). If your specific rigging scenario requires more than five Ethernet connections, up to three Ethernet Switches can be connected together with an ethernet cable. A network with multiple Ethernet Switches will be able to support up to four (4) fish finders and expands the number of Ethernet accessories that can be connected to the network. 


What’s the best way to create an Ethernet network allowing for the most functionality?

When networking Humminbird fish finders, it is recommended to network fish finders of the same series type (HELIX to HELIX or SOLIX/APEX to SOLIX/APEX), as these network configurations provide the greatest amount of functionality and benefits to an angler or captain.  

View this Ethernet Networking Basics chart for more details on what data is shared between units.

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