Converting an Existing Humminbird HELIX into an ICE HELIX

Can I turn my existing HELIX model into an ICE HELIX model by purchasing the new XI 9 1521 CHIRP Ice Transducer and a portable bag?

In order to make your open water version of a HELIX 5/7/8/9/10 CHIRP Series work for ice fishing, you should update your unit to software version 1.540 or higher.   Software updates can be found in the Software Update section of our website. 

Next, you will need the XI 9 1521 CHIRP ice transducer and portable ice shuttle and bag.  We have made this easy by bundling these items in one package; the kit for HELIX 5 CHIRP models can be found here. The kit for HELIX 7/8/9/10 CHIRP models can be found here.  The only remaining items you will need are a battery and charger for your new ICE HELIX model.  We recommend a 12volt, 9amp hour battery or larger for best performance.  Our 9AH BK is available with a charger, or you can source your own battery and charger that meet the unit specifications, of 12 volt, 9AH or higher, sealed lead acid battery.  We recommend this battery and charger for our HELIX 5 Series.  

We also have 15Ah and 20Ah lithium battery options available for a longer charge with more flexibility for charging your other small electronics as well.  We recommend the 15Ah battery for our HELIX 7 Series and the 20Ah for our larger models.  

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