Built-in Memory for Autochart Live Recording

Tell me more about the 8 hours of data for the AutoChart Live feature on select Humminbird products.

AutoChart Live is a unit based program that is available on our APEX Series, SOLIX Series, HELIX 15, HELIX 12, HELIX 10, HELIX 9, HELIX 8, HELIX 7 GPS G4N, HELIX 7 GPS G4, HELIX 7 GPS G3N, HELIX 7 GPS G3, HELIX 7 G2N, HELIX 7 GPS G2, HELIX 5 GPS G3, HELIX 5 GPS G2, ONIX and ION products.  

It has enough memory to record up to 8 hours of data.  These 8 hours are a free trial of the AutoChart Live feature.  Once the 8 hours of data have been used, you will get a message.  At that time, you can either stop recording or clear ALL 8 hours of data and start over.  

If you purchase a Zero Line Map card  (ZL Card) you can continue recording additional lakes or areas of your lake. Once the ZL Card has been inserted into the unit, the information on the unit will be transferred onto the ZL card, removed from the internal memory of the unit and you will have an additional 8 hours on your unit.  This process can be repeated.  You can also use this process to use the same data on another unit that also supports the AutoChart Live feature.

AutoChart Live data can be used on AutoChart or AutoChart Pro .   The purchase of AutoChart and AutoChart Pro programs include a ZL Card.    A software update may be required.    AutoChart and AutoChart Pro installed on your computer is the only way that AutoChart Live data can be viewed on your PC.

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