Mounting a Transducer on a Kayak

What is the best way to mount a transducer on a kayak?

There are a few different options for this installation type depending on the type of kayak and the Humminbird model you plan to use on the kayak.

1.  Some kayak's come with what is called a scupper.  Our transducer the XPTH 9 HW T can easily accommodate the scupper of select Ocean Kayak products.  See images below.  For a list of Humminbird models this transducer supports, click here.  


Mount on Kayak


Transducer on Kayak

2.  Ocean Kayak also offers a kit for their Trident Ultra models. This kit works with our standard XNT 9 20 T or XNT 9 HW T transducer.


Trident Ultra models
 standard XNT 9 20 T transducer.
 Standard XNT 9 20 T transducer.
3.  Their are many third party vendors for specialty transducer installations.  We recommend you Google "transducer installation on kayak" which provides many suggestions and available products.  
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