Autopilot Compatibility with Humminbird Products

The Humminbird SC 110 Autopilot system can be installed and integrated with many different types of recreational and work boats having either 12 or 24 volt DC system voltages.  Most common hydraulic configurations and hydraulic steering components are easily integrated due to the flexibility incorporated into the SCP110 computer-processor. 

The SCP 110 has a 30 amp maximum control capability and will directly support most Type 1, 2 and 3 reversible hydraulic pump sets, solenoid pump controls, integrated hydraulic packs and electro-mechanical drive units.

Because of the numerous options built into the computer-processor, it can be considered in both power and wind powered vessel lengths ranging from 20 feet (6 M) up to 100 feet (30 M). Requirements for both multiple control and joystick stations can be accommodated.  

We do not recommend installing a Humminbird AutoPilot on a boat that is less than 20 feet long.  If it is less than 20 feet, our recommendation would be to purchase and install a Minn Kota Trolling Motor with the Autopilot built in.  

We recommend that all AutoPilot installs be performed by a Certified local installing dealer who is a member of ABYC or NMMA.  

The recommended kit for boats over 20 feet would typically require the following:
To interface to the HELIX you would require the AS HHGPS.
To interface to the SOLIX you would need the AS GPS NMEA.
We would recommend the SC110 Autopilot Kit that includes Rudder Feedback. There is also a kit without the rudder feedback and is the SC110 Autopilot Kit w/o FB – Autopilot Kit
Our systems will only work with Hydraulic Steering or Power Assist so you will need to have one of these two systems installed from an outside company as we do not provide either.
The pump we would recommend is the HHRP 17-12 Autopilot Pump 1.6 cube in in/second if you install a Hydraulic Steering system 
You must have a rudder feedback device.  If ours is not available you can obtain the Linear feedback SmartStick by Seastar:
SeaStar Product Page
West Marine Product Page
You must order the following part number: “AR4502RM | Ray Marine Installations Only | 2.2V to 2.8V”  The “Generic” part number does not work with the SC-110.

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