Setting a background map in AutoChart PC and AutoChart Pro

To set the background map of your AutoChart program you will need to take following the below steps:

  1. Open AutoChart/AutoChart Pro.
  2. Go to Tools>Settings>Background Map

  3. You will then have the following options to choose from:

    • LakeMaster - This is the map from your AutoChart Zero Line SD card. You can select to display the default base map, or one of the custom map layers you create yourself.
    • Online Maps - A selection of various online map providers.
    • Custom Map - You can use almost any map/image (png/jpeg/bmp/gif) as custom background map but you will need a calibration file for it - you can choose if you want to select the calibration file when turning the background map on, or if you want to assign a default under 'Use:'. It is assumed that the map image is nominally north up. (Full Details can be found in the programs Help Guide)
    • BSB chart - Non-encrypted BSB charts, such as the free NOAA US charts, are supported. You can choose if you want to select the chart when turning display of it on, or if you want to use a default. You can also choose to load the entire BSB chart (rather than just the area corresponding to the internal map) but this may require a bit of memory.

Once you have made the selection for your preferred background map you may then click OK to exit the menu.

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