Forgot email or password for registered product

This article does not cover ChartSelect account registration.  

This article relates to Humminbird units and their major network accessories (ie, MEGA Live, MEGA 360, etc.).

It is not necessary to register the transducer

It is not necessary to register used products that have been purchased second hand.

We do not warranty used product purchases.

We no longer have the MyHumminbird account system, and so it is no longer necessary to have a password to register your Humminbird products. Simply visit our registration page in the SUPPORT section of our site.  

In order to access software you now simply visit our Software Updates page in the SUPPORT section of our site.  Look for the Series of your product and then look for the model name of your product.  Click on that product and read the details regarding the update, the instructions for performing the update and download the update. 

At this time, we do not have a consumer facing portal to see registered products.  If you would like to know whether your product has been previously registered, please go to this link and complete the Submit A Request form.  Make sure you include the model and serial number you are inquiring about.  We will be glad to let you know if and when the registration was completed.  Once you have registered your product, it will be 2-3 days before we can see this our system.

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