What to do if your Humminbird keeps beeping

What should I look for if my fish finder continuously beeps?

Several things could cause a constant beeping on your Humminbird. It could be the unit itself, an accessory, the installation, or outside interference. Please use the following suggestions to troubleshoot the problem.

Check the Unit

Using the Setup Menu tab -set all features to "Auto" or "Restore Defaults." If your unit stops beeping, it could have had an incorrect setting selected for your actual operation. If resetting does not work, test your unit on another boat with the same or similar model number and accessories installed. If your unit functions properly on the other boat, you know the problem is in the installation, accessories or cables on your boat.

Check the Connectors & Pins -

Check the pins of all connectors, to make sure they have not been bent, broken off or pushed back into the connector plug. If any connector pins have been bent, you may try to straighten them with needle nose pliers. If any pins are broken, replace the entire accessory.

Note: There is a risk that while straightening a bent connector pin, it can break.

Check the Cables

Check all accessories and cables for nicks, cuts, or physical damage. Try to repair any nicks in the cable with electrical tape. If any cables have had the internal wires cut or separated, the entire accessory or cable should be replaced.

Check the Accessories

Unplug the transducer and all other accessories, except for the power cable, going to the unit. If your unit now operates properly, reconnect the transducer and accessories one by one until the problem returns. Replace the accessory that is causing the problem.

Check for Proper Voltage

See linked article on Power

Check for Electrical Interference

  • Check your unit with the boat sitting still, with all electrical equipment and motor(s) off. This will eliminate any possible source of interference. If this corrects the problem, then the unit is receiving electrical interference from your boat equipment.
  • To determine the piece of equipment that is interfering with your depth sounder; turn each piece of equipment back on individually, until the problem starts again. When the problem begins again, the last piece of equipment turned on is interfering with the depth sounder. Also try this with your main motor and trolling motor running at different speeds. Follow the appropriate instructions to eliminate this interference.
  • Using an in-line fuse, connect your unit directly to the battery. This may eliminate faulty electrical connections and electrical interference, which may be causing your problem.
  • Have your boat's grounding system inspected by qualified personnel. Your unit may be trying to operate on a "floating ground".

Customer Resource Center

If you are still having problems after trying the preceding suggestions, please contact us here.

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