MEGA Live: Getting Started

In this article, you will find guides, links to articles and general information we feel will be helpful to MEGA Live users, new and experienced alike.

Topics Covered:

MEGA Live Starter Guide and Installation Resources

A collection of videos and articles to help our new users get set up and on the water with their new MEGA Live.

Using and Installing MEGA Live Imaging

MEGA Live Imaging Trolling Motor Installation

Let your trolling motor point the way to structure and fish.

MEGA Live TargetLock

Take a big competitive leap by integrating your MEGA Live with the One Boat Network.

  • Resources on how to install and set up the MEGA Live TargetLock can be found here.

MEGA Live Hand Control

No Ultrex? No problem! The MEGA Live Hand Control provides a universal mounting option for the MEGA Live Imaging transducer.

MEGA Live Sonar Mask installation Video

This video will guide you on when to use the MEGA Live Sonar Mask and how to properly install it on your MEGA Live transducer.

How to Read MEGA Live Imaging 

This video provides a great overview of MEGA Live Imaging, and it will explain how to read or interpret what you are seeing.

MEGA Live Recommended Settings by Software Version

The settings listed below are categorized by firmware version. These will be the settings recommended by our team to give our MEGA Live users the best experience. 

Special Note: These settings are specific to the firmware version they are listed under, and are subject to change with future firmware updates.

  • Firmware Update 1.290 (Latest)
    • For the best image from MEGA Live in most water conditions, use the default settings:
    • For shallow water or if you are experiencing clutter on your screen, try the following:
      • Dynamic Contrast: High
      • Sensitivity*: 10
      • Contrast**: 10
    • For deeper water and increased bait tracking performance, try the following:
      • Dynamic Contrast: Low
      • Sensitivity*: 10
      • Contrast**: 10

*Sensitivity will decrease or increase the apparent signal strength of all of the returns on the screen. Always start at 10 and then increase or decrease as needed.
**Contrast will decrease or increase the separation in apparent signal strength between stronger and weaker returns. Lower contrast values will help when trying to track smaller baits or targets while Higher contrast values will help remove clutter from the screen.


If you need assistance with updating or finding the update for your MEGA Live, please use the links below:

MEGA Live update for HELIX G3N and G4N

MEGA Live update for SOLIX and APEX

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