Programming the MEGA Live TargetLock Foot Pedal and Hand Remote

What can you program or customize the One Boat Network Button to do on the MEGA Live TargetLock Foot Pedal and Hand Remote?

  • Mark Waypoint at boat
  • Turn on/off MEGA Live Sweep
  • Turn on/off Minn Kota Steer
  • Turn on/off MEGA Live pinging
  • Home Position

Functions are independent on Foot Pedal and Hand Remote.  If you have both, you can set the foot pedal's One Boat Network (OBN) button to have one function and the remote's OBN button to have a different function. 

Step by step instructions for programming your OBN button can be found on page 55 of the MEGA Live Imaging User Guide

Please also see the following video:

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