Can I steer the MEGA Live TargetLock with the transducer out of water?

The MEGA Live TargetLock is designed for adjustments to still be made out of the water if needed. Although the Minn Kota Steer, MEGA Live Sweep and Home will not work out of the water, manual steering left and right is still possible to make adjustments preventing possible damage during stow and deploy. 

The Bluetooth remote, foot pedal, and the HELIX control interface can all be used to manually steer the TargetLock left or right.

APEX and SOLIX are not able to steer the TargetLock when out of water. The foot pedal or remote will have to be used. 

Important! MEGA Live TargetLock will not respond to any controls if there is not at least one compatible Humminbird unit and a MEGA Live Imaging transducer powered on and connected via Ethernet to the TargetLock control box. 

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