Lost, Found or Stolen Product

If you have lost your unit, had your unit stolen or you have found someone else's unit, let us know.  We cannot make any promises but we will make note of this and try to match products back up to their rightful owners. 

We would need model number and serial number of the product lost or found .  If stolen, we would need to know model number, serial number and a copy of the police report with the detective in charge of your case's contact information. 

You can send those requests to us via this linked form.    

We highly recommend that you register your product and that you keep an image of your unit's serial numbers on your cell phone.  Without a serial number, we regret we cannot assist.  

If you have any issues registering your product, please email us from this form and attach a copy of your proof of purchase along with address information, model number and serial number.  We will gladly add this information to our manual database until your registration issue can be resolved.  

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