Fishin' Buddy Product Series

Products previously in this Series were the:

Fishin' Buddy MAX
Fishin' Buddy MAX DI
110 Fishin' Buddy
120 Fishin' Buddy
130 Fishin' Buddy
140C Fishin' Buddy


The Fishin' Buddy products were originally produced for several years by Bottomline (Computrol).  Humminbird purchased the brand in the mid 2000s and began production of our own products under that name between 2008 and 2018.

The electronic version of these operation manuals can be found at the following link.  In the Fishfinder section, scroll down to the Fishin Buddy Series section.  Unfortunately, we no longer have printed versions of these manuals.  

Due to the age of these products and changes in sonar technology, we no longer sell these products.  The only models currently serviceable are the Fishin' Buddy Max and the Fishin' Buddy Max DI. 

There are no transducers nor unit mounts for these models.  We still have battery holders for both product series.  We expect to retire these in 2023.  Just click on your Fishin Buddy model below and it will take you to our webstore for these holders.  

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