One-Boat Network App on Multiple Devices

Your One-Boat Network App account and premium subscription can be used on multiple devices, providing you with the flexibility and convenience to access your account from various platforms. Whether you prefer using an Apple device with iCloud or an Android device with Google Play, the premium subscription seamlessly integrates with your chosen account.

If you have an iCloud account, your premium subscription will be linked to it. This means that any compatible Apple device you own, such as an iPhone or iPad linked to the same iCloud account, can access the same subscription.

Similarly, if you have a Google Play account, your premium subscription will be associated with it. This allows you to use any compatible Android device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to access your subscription as long as it is linked to the same Google Play account.

The beauty of this setup is that you don't have to worry about purchasing separate subscriptions for each device. As long as you're using the same iCloud or Google Play account, all your devices will reflect the same subscription status.

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