Backing up maps and FishSmart data

Backing up my maps and FishSmart data?

- You can back up the FishSmart app and downloaded maps to the iCloud Data Backup by enabling them under device settings. 

Go To: 
Settings > Storage and iCloud Usage> Manage Storage (iCloud) >

Under the Backups section, please select the device you wish to back up the data for. 

In the next screen you will see a list of all the apps that are on your phone that can be backed up. Make sure FishSmart is enabled in this list. This will allow FishSmart data to be added to cloud backups in the future. 

Please initiate a backup once this is enabled to ensure that your FishSmart data is included. 

  • Upon resetting the device or downloading to a new one. You may restore the iCloud backup.
  • The backup will automatically install the app for you. 
  • On first starting the app the lake data saved to the backup is available immediately for viewing. 
    • Note: The backed up maps are not visible under the ""Owned"" section, but show up under ""State"" and ""All"". 
    • Note: Signing back into your original account will allow the backed up maps to be visible under the ""Owned"" section. 
    • Note: Deleting the app and downloading it back from the cloud storage via the app store will not restore your maps.

You can back up the FishSmart app and downloaded maps manually by copying all the map files to a backup location. 

  • You will find the map data stored under Device Storage> Android> data> com.jome.fishsmart 
  • To restore a backup, download and install the app from the Google Play Store first.
  • After installation simply copy over the backed up files to the location.

Device Storage> Android> data> com.jome.fishsmart>
Overwrite any data that already exists in the folder there. 
Start up the app and sign into your original FishSmart account with which the charts were originally downloaded. This will unlock the backed up data for use. 

Note:  You will not be able to access the backup data unless you sign back into your Google Play Store account. 

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