About HumminbirdPC

What is HumminbirdPC?

  • HumminbirdPC™ is a tool to help you manage your navigation data from your Humminbird units and MMC/SD cards by organizing your waypoints, routes and tracks.  It is also used for updating software in your software up-gradable unit if it does not have a card reader.  
  • Download waypoints, routes, and tracks from your Humminbird® unit or MMC/SD/Micro SD card to HumminbirdPC™, then customize your navigation data from there. Create new routes and waypoints, organize your GPX files with your favorite tracks and routes, and add icons to your waypoints. You can also view your waypoints, routes, and tracks in Google Earth™. 
  • Use HumminbirdPC™ to personalize your Humminbird® unit and update software if your software up-gradable unit does not have a card reader.  
  • Once you’ve customized your information, upload the information to your Humminbird® unit or MMC/SD card. HumminbirdPC™ saves your changes to your computer automatically.  
  • HumminbirdPC™ has a comprehensive internal help but you can also use this reference guide.
Downloading HumminbirdPC 

A PC-compatible computer running Windows.  
At least one USB port.
Java version 6 update 26 at a minimum

Prior to downloading this software, please make sure of the following:
1.  You should have all of the latest Windows Updates completed. 
2.  Download this program to your PC.  Run the program and follow the installation instructions on the screen.  

Download the latest version of Humminbird PC

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