Service Center in the U.S.

Where can I find an Authorized Service Center in the US?

  • Our factory, in Eufaula, Alabama, is the only Authorized Service Center for Humminbird products in the US. 
  • In Canada, check out our article on Canadian Service Centers
  • Outside of the US and Canada?  If you made your purchase in your home country, contact your purchasing dealer and they can provide you with the contact information of your Authorized Servicing Distributor. 
  • Outside of the US and your product was purchased from the US, you will need to return to our facility in Eufaula, Alabama.     

Before sending a unit in for service we make the following recommendations:  

  1. Check the Repair Fee list.  Out of warranty repairs must include payment at the time you send in your unit. We accept Money Orders or Credit Card payment. If you do not include payment, please provide a daytime phone number so that we can call to obtain credit card information.   We do not accept personal checks. If your model is not included on the Repair Fee list, it is likely no longer serviceable. You should check our unserviceable models list. If your model is listed on the unserviceable list, we apologize but we no longer have the ability to service those models. 
  2. If your unit is eligible for service, you much first contact Humminbird to receive a Repair Authorization.  You will be expected to know the exact model number and serial number of the fish finder you own, along with any accessory items that may be connected to the unit.  Applicable Repair Fees must accompany products to be serviced. If you do not acquire a Repair Authorization prior to shipping your unit to us, this can delay the service process.  
  3. Unless specifically told otherwise, do not  return accessories items like, knobs, mounting brackets, SD cards or map cards with your unit. 
  4. Save all of your waypoint information onto a SD card or hard drive before shipping the unit to us as you should always keep this information backed up. We do our best to keep this information in tack but occasionally this is not possible. 
  5. Please complete our unit repair form completely prior to shipment and include it with your return to us. The section of the form titled "Reason for Repair Return" is especially important.
  6. When shipping the unit back to us, please keep in mind that you will not get back the same packaging that you are sending us. We typically find the packaging unsuitable for return shipping to you therefore all returns are made in a suitable brown carton. This also deters theft when a package is sitting at your door.  
  7.  When selecting a shipping method, please be sure you have the ability to track the shipment to prove delivery to us. You may also want to insure the package as Humminbird is not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in transit to us. 
  8.  Returns should be made to: 

    Humminbird Service Dept.
    678 Humminbird Lane
    Eufaula, AL 36027
    Tel: 1-800-633-1468
    Contact Humminbird Technical Support

  9.  Please be sure to include your return address on the outside of the box and make sure all communications are placed in an envelope that is taped to your unit.  In submitted paperwork, summarize the problems you are experiencing with your unit. If you do not thoroughly describe the problem, it is possible that we will not be able to duplicate the issue through our testing and the unit could be returned to you as a no problem found. In order to avoid this type of diagnosis, it is very important for us to understand how your unit is wired on the boat, what other units you might have installed on the boat, where transducers are mounted along with what transducers and accessories are connected to the unit being returned.  A hand drawn wiring diagram can be extremely helpful especially if you have a boat network with several products included in the network.    

  10. Please note:  we are a seasonal business; our phone lines will be extremely busy between March and August. We highly recommend that you chose a day other than Monday to try and contact us. Monday's you will encounter extremely long hold times and possible busy signals.  If you do chose to call on a Monday we would greatly appreciate your patience as we strive to assist as many customers as possible. 

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