Downloading Data from ChartSelect to an SD Card

Notice! As of October 3, 2022, new single lake and layer purchases from ChartSelect are no longer available. Our new format allows only the purchase of LakeMaster Legacy regional maps, which are only available via download. 

Any previous purchases will still be supported and function like normal. However, no new layers can be purchased, and there will be no future updates to existing layers.


- A downloadable chart for your Humminbird chartplotter purchased via ChartSelect.
- A blank 32GB SD or Micro card with SD adapter. (Please note all downloaded data gets locked to the SD Card)

Step 1: Preparing your SD card to download data

For 800, 900, 1100, and HELIX Series 
- Plug a blank SD card into your (powered up) chartplotter. 
- Press Menu key twice to open the Main Menu. 
- Press the Right Cursor key to select the Setup Menu tab. 
- Press the Down Cursor key to select Encrypt SD Card. 
- Press the Right Cursor key to confirm. Follow the on-screen prompts. 

For APEX, SOLIX, ONIX and ION Series
- Plug a blank SD card into your (powered up) chartplotter. 
- Press the Home key and select the Files tool. 
- Under Encrypt, select the Encrypt SD Card 1 or Encrypt SD Card 2. Tap, or press the ENTER key, to select. Follow the on-screen prompts. 
Note:  If you do not see the Encrypt SD message, please ensure your Humminbird model has the latest software update installed. 

With the SD card successfully encrypted from your chartplotter, insert the card back into your PC or Mac to begin chart and data download.

Step 2: Downloading your charts
- Download and install the ChartSelect Downloader tool (Mac Download | PC Download)
- Launch the software and sign into it using your ChartSelect account information.
- Once the software is launched, select your plotter model from the drop down at the top.
- Select the charts/data your wish to download to the SD card from the panel in the middle.
- Click on the browse button and point to the location of the encrypted SD Card. 
- Click okay to confirm your selection.
- Finally click download to begin the download procedure.

Once the download is completed you may insert the card back into your chartplotter to see the data. 

Important Notes
- You may pause/cancel the download at any time and resume later. 
- Map files are very large. A fast and reliable internet connection is required. 
- You have 365 days to download this content to an SD card, after which the content will no longer be available. 
- Downloading data to a particular encrypted card will lock the data to that card. The data can then no longer be downloaded to a different card but can be updated on the original card.
- When an SD card is correctly encrypted an ENCRYPT.TXT file will appear in the root folder of the card. If this does not appear, it means the card was not correctly encrypted. Please refer to step 1 again to do this correctly.

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