Downloading Maps Purchased on ChartSelect

I already purchased a chart from ChartSelect. Can I get it free for my FishSmart phone app?

NOTICE: As of October 03, 2022 the FishSmart App and single lake purchases are no longer offered in the App Store or the Google Play store as new purchases. All existing purchases and past downloads will continue to be available as long as the same account is in use. 

The One Boat Network App is its replacement. You can learn more here

Previous purchases of  single-lake High Definition Contour Charts are available free for your FishSmart phone app.

  • Download the Free FishSmart app from the iTunes or Google Play Store
  • Open the FishSmart App
  • Go to Settings Tap ChartSelect Account
  • Type in the same username and password you used for your ChartSelect Purchase
  • Tap Login
  • Exit Settings
  • Open the Maps Section
  • All your purchased charts should now appear here ready for download
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