Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducer compatibility with a first-generation SOLIX or HELIX G2/G2N

Can I use a new Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducer with a first-generation SOLIX or HELIX G2/G2N model?

Certain models of Humminbird HELIX G2/G2N and SOLIX models are compatible and can utilize new Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducers. In order for Humminbird SOLIX or HELIX G2/G2N units with CHIRP sonar capabilities to use these new transducers, users must first update their software to the most recent version, which can be found under the Software Updates portion of the website.

The following Dual Spectrum CHIRP transducers can be used by your existing HELIX G2/G2N or SOLIX models:

SOLIX Models (2D CHIRP Transducers):

  • XNT 14 HW T
  • XP 14 HW
  • XP 14 HW T
  • XTM 14 HW T
  • XPTH 14 HW T

HELIX Models: (2D CHIRP Transducers):

  • XNT 9 HW T
  • XP 9 HW
  • XP 9 HW T
  • XTM 9 HW T
  • XPT 9 HW T
  • XPTH 9 HW T
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