How to access "new" chart layers for a ChartSelect map already purchased

What if I purchased a map from ChartSelect that now has new “chart layers” available? How do I access those capabilities?

Your Humminbird model must be compatible with Multilayer. Check Here

  • Purchase additional layers for your lake
  • Download the latest ChartSelect Download tool Available Here Format the SD card you used for your original ChartSelect Purchase (Must be the same card)
  • Encrypt the SD card in your Humminbird Plotter
  • Open the ChartSelect Download tool
  • Select your Multilayer compatible plotter model from the dropdown list
  • Click the checkbox on all of the chart layers you purchased
  • Browse to your SD card and select the encrypt.txt file, click open
  • Click the Download button
  • Your ChartSelect Card will now have multilayer capabilities
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