Connecting a NMEA0183 Device

Connecting my Humminbird unit to a NMEA0183 device such as a VHF Radio or Autopilot?

300, 700, 800 900, 1100, HELIX 9-12 G1, HELX 7-12 G2N, HELIX 7-12 G3N, HELIX 7-15 G4N Internal GPS Models

If your Humminbird product is in one of the above series and has an internal GPS receiver built into the unit with GPS functionality, the AS HHGPS cable can be used to connect to a NMEA0183 device.   

Below is a chart for wire connections between the AS HHGPS and the NMEA0183 device.   The connection on the NMEA0183 device can vary from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.  We are listing what the connection may be called.  You will need to obtain a wiring diagram from your NMEA0183 device's manufacturer to obtain this information.  

Wires listed as Not Used should be terminated so no electrical connection to other wires or devices on the boat are made.  


AS HHGPS Cable   NMEA0183 Device Cable
Wire Color Connection   Wire Color Connection
RED +12 volt output Not Used Device specific - see devices Owners Manual Not Used
BLACK Ground Connects to Device specific - see devices Owners Manual Ground NMEA Negative (-)
GREEN NMEA Input Not Used Device specific - see devices Owners Manual Not Used
WHITE NMEA Output Connects to Device specific - see devices Owners Manual NMEA Input Positive (+)


Once connection is complete, go to your NMEA Output menu and turn the Output to On.  Once the unit has a GPS fix, it will begin transmitting NMEA0183 data to the NMEA0183 device. 



These models all have NMEA0183 connectors built into the unit.  This is a 14-pin connector and is clearly marked above the connector on the rear of your Humminbird unit.  There is the AS GPS NMEA 0183 Splitter Cable and the AS DUAL NMEA Splitter Cable.  Your Humminbird product should indicate whether it supports 1 or 2 NMEA0183 devices.  You will use the DUAL NMEA SPLITTER if you have two NMEA0183 devices to connect to.  

Follow your products operations manual for proper set up for use of this feature.  


NMEA2000 Compatibility is covered by this linked article.  


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