View LakeMaster and CoastMaster Charts when off the Water

LakeMaster and CoastMaster maps can be viewed on a Humminbird even when off the water.

Instructions available for HELIX & Legacy or APEX & SOLIX.

You can view the maps on your Humminbird GPS at any time.  You do not need a satellite signal or even need to be on the lake.

For HELIX and compatible Legacy models you will need to put your fish finder in simulator mode if you are without satellite reception. To do this, follow the steps below:

HELIX and Legacy Models

  1. Insert your LakeMaster or CoastMaster card in a compatible Humminbird
  2. With the unit powered off, press the POWER key.
  3. When the Title screen is displayed, press the MENU key

  4. Select Simulator. Press the RIGHT Cursor key.


To view maps on your GPS, use the "Lake List" function (LakeMaster only) or simply move your GPS cursor to the lake of interest and zoom in to view.

Note! You must have the Chart View on screen in order to view lakes from the Lake List. 

Navigate to the Chart View

Perform either of the following:

  • Cycle through views by pressing the VIEW or EXIT key until landing on the desired screen.
  • Press and hold the VIEW key until the "Views" menu appears > Chart > Chart View

View Lake List

  1. Press MENU key twice
  2. Use LEFT or RIGHT cursor key to select HB Chart
  3. Highlight Lake List and press the RIGHT cursor key

  4. Select desired lake from list and press the RIGHT cursor key to view.


APEX and SOLIX Models

APEX and SOLIX models can view LakeMaster or CoastMaster charts in Normal mode with or without a satellite signal. To do this, perform he following:

  1. Insert your LakeMaster or CoastMaster card in your Humminbird
  2. With the unit powered off, press the POWER key.
  3. Press HOME
  4. Select Views

  5. Choose Chart

  6. View your charts by one of the following methods:
    • Move the GPS cursor to the desired lake/area and zoom in.
    • Choose a lake from the Lake List (LakeMaster only)
      1. While on the Chart View, press the MENU key or tap "Chart" at the top left of the screen.

      2. `Select "Info"

      3. Choose "Lake List"

      4. Choose your desired lake.

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