Mapping Compatibility and Comparison

What are the differences between your various cartography / mapping products?

Please see the included chart for a features checklist of our current and legacy mapping products.

We also have an interactive tool for mapping compatibility that will allow you to select a Humminbird Fish Finder and see what mapping products it is compatible with. In order to use this, click the button seen below:

For descriptions of the features found in the chart below, please read more in the Mapping section.

Mapping Features LakeMaster and CoastMaster with VX Legacy LakeMaster
LakeMaster VX LakeMaster Premium VX CoastMaster VX CoastMaster Premium VX ChartSelect Legacy Downloads LakeMaster LakeMaster PLUS SmartStrike
VX Technology        
HD Detail
Customizable Color Palette        
Multi-range Depth Highlight        
Shallow Water Highlight
Water Level Offset
One Boat Network Compatible
Aerial Imagery          
2D Shaded Relief            
3 Chart Presets        
Predictive Tides and Currents            
Auxiliary Contours              
Bottom Hardness              
Standard Detail 
Single-range Depth Highlight        



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