AutoChart PC and Pro version 2.100 features and changes

What changes were included in Software Version 2.100 for AutoChart Pro and AutoChart Standard?

Key Features: 
One of the biggest features of this software update is that it allows AutoChart PC to record and map new Vegetation and Bottom Hardness mapping functions available in AutoChart Live. The addition of these two layers combined with the existing Depth Contour mapping give you three ways to chart a body of water.

  • Extended bottom type data support   (Pro version only) - Adds support for Vegetation bottom type analysis including importing and analyzing data. New menus and toolbars were also added.
  • Support for new AutoChart Live data format  - Adds import/edit/export support for AutoChart Live files that include Vegetation and Bottom Hardness layers.

Other Features:

  • Retrieval of absolute time stamp from .dat file  - Adds support for referencing the correct time-stamp information during data import of .dat files.
  • Added support for new Humminbird data recording format - As a result of various development efforts in regards to AutoChart Live and the introduction of the new SOLIX™ Series the sonar recording format was updated to a newer version.
  • Added an Operations guide shortcut to the help menu  - previously, the Operations guide could only be launched from Windows Explorer. It can now be launched through the Help Menu and is opened inside an AutoChart Live PDF viewer.
  • Updated Help File

General Fixes:

  • Fixed a scaling issue with 3D display
  • Fixed an issue with UTM to Lat/Lon conversion
  • Fixed waypoint synchronization between panes
  • Adjusted frame synchronization between sonar data panes
  • Removed MapQuest support from background maps (no longer available)
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