PiranhaMax Product Series

Products in this series included:  

PiranhaMAX 4 - Current Line PiranhaMax 153 PiranhaMax 175 PT PiranhaMax 197C
PiranhaMAX4 DI - Current Line PiranhaMax 155 PiranhaMax 176I PiranhaMax 197C DI
PiranhaMax 10 PiranhaMax 155 PT PiranhaMax 176I PT PiranhaMax 197C PT
PiranhaMax 15 PiranhaMax 160 PiranhaMax 180 PiranhaMax 210
PiranhaMax 20 PiranhaMax 165 PiranhaMax 190C PiranhaMax 215
PiranhaMax 30 PT PiranhaMax 165 PT PiranhaMax 195C PiranhaMax 220
PiranhaMax 143 PiranhaMax 170 PiranhaMax 196CI PiranhaMax 230 PT
PiranhaMax 150 PiranhaMax 175 PiranhaMax 196CI PT PiranhaMax 240

This Product Series has been sold since 2004.  

The electronic version of these operation manuals can be found at the following link.  In the Fishfinder section, scroll down to the PiranhaMax Series section. Unfortunately, we no longer have printed versions of these manuals.  

Due to the age of some of these products and changes in sonar technology, all but the PiranhaMAX 4 and PiranhaMAX 4 DI are no longer sold or repairable. Please see our article on Service Fees and Unserviceable units for more details.

Check out our transducer compatibility article for detailed information on available transducers.  Unit mounts can be found in our webstore at the following link.   

We still offer a power cable for these models.  These products can use the PC 11.


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