Dynamic Contrast

Dynamic Contrast is a feature used on MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging, MEGA 360 Imaging, and MEGA Live Imaging.

Dynamic Contrast evaluates the data in the sonar return and automatically adjusts the contrast of the color palette vs. the sonar return data to optimize the usefulness of the return.

For Side, Down, and 360 Imaging the options are Off and On.

For MEGA Live, the options are Balanced, High, and Low.

  • Dynamic Contrast: Balanced
    This setting is the default and should be used in most water conditions, ranges, and depths for the best-overall image.
  • Dynamic Contrast: High
    This setting can be used if there is clutter in the MEGA Live return. It is best used for shallower water depths and close ranges.
  • Dynamic Contrast: Low
    This setting can be used if the user needs extreme lure tracking performance at greater depths and longer rangers.
  • These settings were previously called Off, 1, and 2 but were changed to the new capabilities and tuning in HELIX version 2.750  and SOLIX/APEX version 4.070.

More on MEGA Live Dynamic Contrast here.


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