LakeMaster and CoastMaster Coverage

One-Boat Network App

To see the coverage on a particular lake or coastal region, the One-Boat Network App can be downloaded on your mobile device, and you will have the option for a free 30-day premium subscription. The map detail reflects what is offered by our LakeMaster Premium (North America), and CoastMaster charts.

The subscription fee is $24.99 per year after trial period ends, and can be canceled anytime.

Note: Cancellation must be completed before the free trial period ends to avoid charges. Click here for cancellation instructions

LakeMaster Coverage Area


Each LakeMaster card covers one of 13 regions in North America that may be a state, group of states, or a province. We list the bodies of water covered in this region in a Chart List that will provide the name of the lake, county it is located in, and what level of detail to expect. 

You can learn more about the regions available and features of our mapping products by visiting our LakeMaster Learn Page

CoastMaster U.S. Coastal Coverage Area


The U.S. CoastMaster card covers U.S. coastal waters for the East Coast, West Coast , and the Gulf of Mexico indicated by the shaded areas in the image above.

Your coverage area will change depending on whether your are using the Fishing Data (Humminbird data) or the Navigation Data (NOAA data).  You can compare the shaded areas on the map in the Learn section to the ENC online link below.  

We do not cover Alaska or Hawaii. 

Depth data or contours displayed are adjusted for Mean Lower Low water (MLLW). 

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