Understanding CoastMaster and LakeMaster VX Chart Symbols

Your CoastMaster Chart Card or LakeMaster VX Map Card provides multiple icons to help you navigate and identify hazards, fish attractors, and other points of interest on-screen. Use the instructions below to learn more about the icons on your map, or use the provided table to identify some of the most common icons.

Icons or symbols found in the Navigation Chart Preset utilizes navigation data collected from NOAA. The following link can be used for assistance with these:


Note: The data displayed on-screen can be different depending on which Chart Preset you are using (Fishing, Navigation, or User).

How to View Icon Information

While viewing your chart, move the cursor to an icon on the chart and press the CHECK/INFO key.

How to Search Your Map - APEX/SOLIX and HELIX

Use the steps below to search your area of the map for nearby points of interest.

Note: The Map Search function is not available for LakeMaster on HELIX control heads. 


  1. Tap Chart in the status bar, or press the MENU key once.
  2. Select Info.
  3. Select Find Nearest.
  4. Select an item from the displayed list to search for.
  5. Tap, or use the Joystick and Enter key, to select a search result for more information.

CoastMaster Find Nearest Search Results (APEX and SOLIX)


  1. Without and active cursor on the screen, press the CHECK/INFO key.
  2. Select an item from the displayed list to search for. 

CoastMaster Find Nearest Search Results (HELIX)

Common Icons

The icons below are a small selection of common or important icons you may see on your chart.

Note: The meaning of each icon can vary depending on its color. Use the instructions under How to View Icon Information to learn more about the specific icons on your screen.


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