Contour Elite Activation Problem: Account not Found

During the Contour Elite activation process, if you get a message saying "Account not found", it is probably because you didn't enter the Activation Key correctly.

A common mistake is to use the letter O instead of the number 0. Our Activation Keys do not include the letter O, so always use the number 0.

Another common mistake is to not include the dashes (-). Our activation system requires that you include the dashes.

If you've carefully re-entered the Activation Key and continue to have problems, contact us with your Activation Key and we will look into the issue.

If the the program is currently installed on your computer, the attached link and executable file will correct access issues -

If the program has never been installed on your computer, or you are installing to a new computer, the following executable will correct the issue -

We have found in several cases that clicking on the link will cause a Mimecast blocker.  If you copy the link and then paste it into a new url tab, it immediately starts downloading. 

If the above is not resolving the issue, please try the following:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Strategic Fishing Systems\Contour Elite
  2. Open the file called Activation.exe" config file
  3. Locate two entries for: 
  4. Change both of these entries to: (Adding the "s" at the end of http) and save the file.
  5. Activate online like normal

If you continue to get this message and the program is loaded on a work computer, you may need to involve your IT or Systems Administrator.  Because these are executable files, some companies or government agencies block this type of download and it can only be completed by a System Administrator.  

If this is a personal computer, you may need to do research on your Anti-Virus program settings.  Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with this issue.  




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