3D Viewer Won't Open: Norton SONAR Anti-Virus Program Deletes "terrainviewer.exe"

As of October 1, 2023 we no longer support the Contour Elite product.

The contents featured in the article below may still be of use to you however, and so will continue to be available.


We had someone report that their antivirus program, Norton 360 SONAR, was deleting terrainviewer.exe when he attempted to open the 3D viewer. Other antivirus programs may do the same thing. If you are having this problem, you will need to let the antivirus program know that terrainviewer is an approved program.

Here are the steps the user implemented to keep Norton SONAR from placing terrainviewer.exe in quarantine:

1. Close Contour Elite.
2. Opened Norton 360 V. 4
3. Click on 'Tasks'
4. Click on 'View Security History'
5. Scroll down the 'Activity List' until it showed 'terrainviewer.exe' detected by SONAR
6. Click on 'terrainviewer.exe' in the Activity List column
and the 'Recommended Action' window will pop up in the right hand side of the pop-up window
7. Click on 'Options'
8. Select 'Restore this file'. The 'Quarantine Restore' window popped up. A line in that window stated that 'Restoring an item from quarantine could potentially put your system at risk'
There is a box that has a check mark in it and behind it, it says 'Exclude this risk from future scans'
Leave the check mark in the box
9. Click on 'YES'
Another pop-up window opens and asks 'Are you sure you want to restore this risk to your computer?'
Click 'YES'
The risk then was removed from the 'Activity List' and the 'Restored Status' window showed 'Successfully restored item from quarantine'

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