Contour Elite Lake Austin in TX/OK Will Not Open

As of October 1, 2023 we no longer support the Contour Elite product.

The contents featured in the article below may still be of use to you however, and so will continue to be available.


We had a report that Lake Austin will not open in the TX OK version. The user gets an error message when the lake tries to load. The error message says that Contour Elite is no longer working or the error message will mention an unknown software exception.

The problem: 3 of the lake files have been named improperly.

The solution is to do the following:

1. Go to My Computer and navigate to Hard drive C:-->Program files(x86 if Vista or 7)-->Strategic Fishing Systems-->Contour Elite TX OK-->Lakes-->Austin (Travis)

You should see 3 files in the Austin folder that start with "road" (road.dbf, road.shp, and road.shx). These files need renamed to "roads". DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE EXTENSION. Leave the .dbf, .shp, and .shx unchanged.

2. To rename, do the following: Right click on each one, select "rename" and change the "road" to "roads".

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