Humminbird Unit Re-Boots or Shuts Down after Loading Data

As of October 1, 2023 we no longer support the Contour Elite product.

The contents featured in the article below may still be of use to you however, and so will continue to be available.


We had a user report that when they loaded a Humminbird .hwr file with a target area or line, the unit would periodically re-boot or shut down. The user had to delete the route(s) and associated waypoints for the unit to stop re-booting. The user reported that if they had only selected for target spots to be included in the .hwr file, the import went smoothly and there were no problems with the unit.

The fix for this was to update their Humminbird software to version 5.410 or higher. Apparently, there were some issues with some earlier versions of the software.

To update your Humminbird software, go to and log-in or register your unit. This will allow you to download software updates to an SD card which you will need to place in the unit.

Another possible workaround, if updating the software does not work, is to export target lines or areas in lowrance .usr format and then use HumminbirdPC (a free download from Humminbird website when you register) to convert the Lowrance .usr file to the Humminbird .hwr format. On the target export window of Contour Elite, you should check the option at the bottom to export target areas or lines as routes instead of tracks.

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