Renaming Targets in Contour Elite

Currently, Contour Elite assigns a unique name to each target such as T1, T2, etc. We have had requests to be able to rename these targets. This is on our list for future enhancements. For now, there is this work around that should allow you to rename targets.

Please follow these steps:

1. Close Contour Elite
2. Go to to download a free program called DBF Explorer.
3. Unzip the to a location on your computer.
4. Double click on the file called "dbfexplorer.exe"
5. click on "open" and navigate to C:Program Files(Program Files x86 if Vista or 7)/Strategic Fishing Systems/Contour Elite/Lakes and open the lake with the targets you want to rename.
6. Select either target_spot.dbf, target_area.dbf, or target_line.dbf depending on the type of target you want to rename. A table for the .dbf will open.
7. In the first column on the left, you can edit the name of the targets.
8. After renaming, you can close the program and open Contour Elite. The target names should be changed.

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