Image of Lake Overlaps Land and Does Not Line up with Contours

As of October 1, 2023 we no longer support the Contour Elite product.

The contents featured in the article below may still be of use to you however, and so will continue to be available.


We had a user report that the image of the lake seemed to overlap land and it didn't line up with the depth contours. He also reported that search results were on land.

The solution was for him to lower the hardware acceleration of his display driver.

To lower the hardware acceleration:

1. Close Contour Elite
2. Right click on the desktop and select Properties.
3. Select the Settings tab.
4. Push the Advanced button.
5. Select the Troubleshoot tab.
6. Drag the slider bar for hardware acceleration to the left one click.
7. Open Contour Elite to see if this fixed the problem.
8. If the problem persists, move the hardware acceleration to the left one click at a time until the problem is resolved.

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