Error Message: Unhandled Exception

This error message presents while drawing target areas on Contour Elite maps when opening the target tool.

The message includes this text:
Unhandled exception occurred……….
An error occurred in the CheckPolygon function of the Utils Class of MapWinGeoProc…….

There may be unhandled exceptions with somewhat different text that relate to the same issue.

If the user selects to draw a target area but then double clicks on a single spot or double clicks after a single line, this can corrupt the file that stores target area information. If you have "Draw new target area", you need to draw a polygon, not a single point or line. The symptoms of a corrupted target area file include:
-you can't draw another target area, spot, or line
-labels on target areas, spots, or lines disappear.
-if you open the target tool table, one/more of the entries will be blank.

The solution for this is to delete the corrupted target area file by doing the following:
1. Close Contour Elite or switch to a different lake.
2. Go to My Computer or "Computer" and open your C drive.
3. Navigate to Program Files > Strategic Fishing Systems > Contour Elite > Lakes > Lake X (Lake X is whichever lake you were having trouble with)
4. Then delete the 4 files that begin with "target_areas". DO NOT delete the other files beginning with "target_lines" and "target_spots".
5. Restart Contour Elite or switch back to the lake you were working on.

Unfortunately, you will lose any target areas you had already drawn on the map.

This appears to only be an issue with version 1.0 of Contour Elite. We now have an update available that will update to a later version. It is recommended that anyone with version 1.0 update to the latest version by visiting:

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