Error When Opening Map: The Depth Layer is Missing

As of October 1, 2023 we no longer support the Contour Elite product.

The contents featured in the article below may still be of use to you however, and so will continue to be available.


A user reported getting an error message when opening a lake. The error read:
The DEPTH layer is missing!
Associated components with this layer will be disabled

The cause of the problem was found to be a security setting that was interfering with opening the data.

A user with Contour Elite 2 reported receiving an error message stating:
Error activating or verifying license key
Activation server replied:
Activation completed successfully

User was not able to get past the activation screen when opening the program. It was determined that he had enabled a security setting that was interfering with the activation process.

The solution was to do the following:

1. Open Control Panel

2. Double click Administrative Tools

3. In the right window, locate “Local Security Policy” and double click it.

4. In the Local Security Policy Dialog, under Security Settings in the left window, click “Local Policies”

5. In the right window double click “Security Options”

6. You will see a long list of settings arranged alphabetically, probably beginning with “Accounts”. Scroll down until you see this entry: “System cryptography: Use FIPs compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing”.

7. If this entry has “Enabled” next to it instead of “Disabled”, then double click it and chose “Disabled” from the dialog box.

8. Click Ok, close control panel, and then launch Contour Elite and open the lake.

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