Using Down Imaging Transducers with Side Imaging Units

Can I use the Down Imaging transducer with my Side Imaging Unit?

  • This is not necessary for any of our MEGA Side Imaging products in the HELIX 8, HELIX 9, HELIX 10, HELIX 12, HELIX 15, APEX, SOLIX, or ONIX products.  The MEGA and MEGA+ side imaging transducers have elements dedicated to Down Imaging sonar. 
  • If you own one of our High Definition Side Imaging products you can use a Down Imaging transducer with it to improve your Down Imaging readings.  High definition side imaging products are only available in our HELIX 8, HELIX 9, HELIX 10, HELIX 12, HELIX 15 or 800 / 900 / 1100 Series of products.
  • You will get readings if the DI width is set to wide (this is the default).  If you change to narrow, you will get no readings.
  • Your 2D readings will not be as good because the 2D element in the DI transducer is smaller; therefore, weaker than the 2D element in the SI transducer
  • You will not get any correct SI views using the DI transducer.  
  • It is best to use this DI transducer in conjunction with a transducer switch so that you can alternate between the DI imaging transducer and the SI transducer when viewing specific SI and 2D views. A transducer switch cannot be used with our MEGA Imaging transducers.
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