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My unit is in a language other than English, can this be reset?

If your Humminbird unit has inadvertently been placed into a language other than English, and English is your preferred language, you can change it back to English by taking the following steps.


  1. If you are not on the HOME screen, please go there now.home_main_menu_icon_yellow.jpg
  2. Select Settingshome_screen_icon_setup.jpg
  3. Select General (5th option in the left menu panel)
  4. Scroll down to All Units (3rd main category) and select Language (first option) 
  5. Scroll to English and select
  6. Press the X (button or icon)
  7. You should now see English menus

HELIX and Legacy Models

  1. Turn your unit on.
  2. If your unit is connected to it's transducer, the unit will automatically go into Normal mode.  If a transducer is not connected you will need to place the unit in Normal mode in the Startup Options as soon as the unit prompts you to do so.  start_screen_h.jpg 
  3. Press your MENU key twice.  menux2.jpg    
  4. Right Cursor to the Set Up tab.  In some models this tab looks like a wrench and screwdriver and some models it looks like a gear
  5. Down Cursor to the Language Menu and right cursor.  (Depending on the model, this could be four rows or several rows down)
  6. When the unit is in a language other than English, you will want to Left Cursor, until English appears.  
  7. Once you have set Language to English, you can then change any of your other settings that might be set to  International Settings, like Units - Depth, Units - Temp.   If they are already set to your preference, no addition changes are required.    You can now hit the exit button twice and you are now in English mode.

PiranhaMAX 4 and PiranhaMAX 4 DI

  1. Power on the PiranhaMAX
  2. Press Menu button once
  3. Press the UP Arrow key once
  4. Press the Check mark key once
  5. Press the UP Arrow key twice
  6. Press the Check mark key once
  7. Use the UP or Down arrow key to show your desired language.
  8. Once the language you want is shown, press the Check Mark key once.
  9. Press the Menu button twice to exit.
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