Uninstall or Reinstall AutoChart PC or Pro

  1. Backup the C:\ProgramData\AutoChart\ folder (This would include any recorded files, waypoints/notes, chart file indexes, color definitions, etc.) 
  2. Place the AutoChart backup folder outside of the C Drive
  3. Uninstall AutoChart PC from the Control Panel by navigating to AutoChart PC and clicking Uninstall
  4. From Windows Explorer, make sure that under Local Disk (C:) Program Files (x86)\Johnson Outdoors Inc\AutoChart is completely removed  ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Outdoors Inc\AutoChart ) 
  5. From Windows Explorer, make sure that under Local Disk (C:) ProgramData\AutoChart is completely removed  ( C:\ProgramData\AutoChart )
  6. From the Windows Start Button, find the Registry Editor by typing in "regedit" in search and hit return to run regedit.exe to open the Registry Editor
  7. From the Registry Editor, in the left pane, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Johnson Outdoors Inc\AutoChart, right click and select Delete.  At this point, all traces of AutoChart should be gone
  8. Reinstall AutoChart again from the CD-ROM
  9. Run AutoChart and enter your Activation Key located on the CD protective sleeve
  10. Close AutoChart and ensure it is not running
  11. Install the AutoChart update from HERE under the "Accessories & Mapping>AutoChart" section.  Make sure you select the proper program to match the CD you have purchased. 

If this full clear/re-install does not resolve the issue, either the DirectX drivers or a graphics card driver have become corrupt.  This is typically caused by uninstalling other programs/updates or drivers.  You would need to reinstall DirectX from Microsoft's website and update or revert the display driver.

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