Finding Software Updates

You simply to go to Software Updates and then scroll until you find the Series name of your software upgradeable Fish Finder or Accessory.   Once you select the Series, select your model number.  Read the Software Description, Software Prerequisites and the Instructions and then click on Download (at the bottom of the page). 

If you cannot find your model name or number, you can find this in two places.  One is the serial number plate on the back of the unit.  The other is the System status screen while the unit is turned on.  There is more than one way to get to the system status screen, based on model so we recommend that you consult your manual in order to find this.  If you still cannot find your model name, please contact us for additional details. 

Although we no longer require you to register your product to get a software update, we encourage you to register your product.  If you register your product and opt-in to receive email communication, we will email you when respective software updates are available. 

In addition, this registration can assist you if your unit is every lost or stolen and you did not keep your serial number handy.  

If you have any issues registering your product, please email us from this form and attach a copy of your proof of purchase along with address information, model number and serial number.  We will be glad to add this information to our manual database until your registration issue can be resolved.  

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