Formatting my SD or Micro SD card

In order for an SD or Micro SD card to be used with your Humminbird, the card must meet the following:

  • Is Class 10 (Card will have symbol depicted below)
  • No larger than 32GB
  • Formatted to FAT32
    • For Mac users, the format equivalent to FAT32 is: MS-DOS (FAT)

Instructions for both Windows and Mac below:


  1. Insert the SD/Micro SD card in the card reader on your PC.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer
  3. Right click on the drive that corresponds with the card you just inserted.
    1. This will normally be displayed as removable disc or SDHC
  4. Left click on "Format..." from the list
  5. Make sure the File System is set to: FAT32 (Default) and left click "Start"
  6. A window will pop up and provide a warning that all content on the card will be erased if you continue, left click on "OK" to proceed and finish formatting.


  1. Insert the SD/Micro SD card in the card reader on your Mac
  2. Open the Disk Utility App
  3. Select the card and click on "Erase"
  4. Choose MS-DOS (FAT) for the Format
    1. The Name can be changed to anything, but leave the scheme unchanged
  5. Click "Erase" to finish formatting your card
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