ICE HELIX Interference

I am seeing interference on the screen of my ICE HELIX. What can I do to resolve this?

On occasion while ice fishing, you will find that your fish finder will experience a disruption in the sonar returns displayed on your screen. This is often caused by other nearby fish finders emitting sonar frequencies that interfere with your fish finder’s sonar signal and prevents your fish finder from displaying a clear picture.

The easiest solution is to find the checkmark key on the front of your ICE HELIX unit and press it to cycle through the six (6) CHIRP Interference Rejection settings until the interference is eliminated.

This same function can be performed from any sonar screen on your ICE HELIX. Press menu once from the sonar or flasher screen and scroll until you find the option “CHIRP IR.” On the directional pad, toggle between the 6 settings until you have found the one that works best for your scenario. To resume fishing, hit “exit” to leave the menu.

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