360SSI Deployment Issues

My Humminbird 360SSI will not deploy from my unit or from the deployment system. What should I do?

There are several things you can try.

  1. On your Humminbird Fish Finder, go to the Accessory Test screen and insure 360 is showing CONNECTED.  If it is showing DISCONNECTED, make sure you have proper power to the 360 deployment system and that your ethernet connections are correctly installed.  If you have a 5 port ethernet switch, insure it also has proper voltage.  
  2. If it is showing as CONNECTED, insure your 360 has the most current version of software.  The software version will be listed immediately after 360 Imaging on the Accessory Test screen.  
  3. With your Humminbird unit powered OFF, remove the 360 Port Cover from the top of the deployment system.  Disconnect the power connection.  This would be the black plastic connector on the right side.  Leave this removed for 10 seconds.  Plug it back in and try to deploy again.  
  4. If it is still not working, go to page 48 of the 360 installation guide .  This will give you instructions for removing the pod.  Once the pod has been removed and with power to the 360.  Try using the Deploy and Retract keys on the top of the deployment system.  If the buttons work properly, you will need to return the pod to Humminbird for service .  If the keys do not work, the entire 360 will need to returned to Humminbird for service .
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