Handheld GPS Compatibility with Humminbird Units

Can I connect a handheld GPS product to my Humminbird unit?

All Matrix, 700, 800, 900, 1100 Series units as well as select 300, 500 and 600 Series products are GPS capable. A user has three different options to connect a handheld GPS:

  1. Plug in a GPS receiver into the accessory bus to get either GPS trackplotting or chartplotting data depending on the unit's capabilities
  2. Plug in a GPS receiver along with the AS SYSLINK cable to allow two different units to share one GPS receiver
  3. Plug in the AS HHGPS handheld cable that allows GPS trackplotting data to be transferred from any handheld GPS that has NMEA output capability to the unit and displayed on the unit's display

GPS Trackplotting vs. Chartplotting - By using the handheld cables to connect your unit to a handheld GPS unit the user can gain GPS trackplotting capability on the large display of unit at a very low cost. The screens of handheld GPS units are small and often hard to view in extreme marine conditions. By using the handheld cables to transfer the GPS trackplotting data the user can view this information in an integrated form with their sonar information on a large sunlight viewable display.

Trackplotting allows the user to mark waypoints of favorite fishing spots and receive longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates for the selected area and name the waypoints using Humminbird PC. Chartplotting capabilities is not transferred to the unit through the handheld GPS. If chartplotting capabilities are desired check for the combo units in the Product section of the our site.

PiranhaMAX products with trackplotting capabilities cannot be connected to any external GPS modules.

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